Monday, June 21, 2010

Let's Hang Out

I have some very exciting news today! I live in a small town (about 12000 people) in Northern Canada and have struggled a bit trying to find crafting supplies. There wasn't really anywhere in town except Wal-mart which has pretty limited crafting supplies. Well this week I found out that we have a new Scrapbooking store!! I was so excited! I found out on Thursday and have already been there 3 times, lol. I have had to get most supplies online till now so it's nice to actually be able to see things before buying. The owner is so nice too and says she can order in anything that I would like. Just fantastic! I have included a scrapbook layout that I made this weekend. This is actually my very first layout and I think it turned out well. Thanks for looking!


  1. Cute. Love that monkey. Signed up to follow. Come visit me!

  2. Very very cute! Waaaaay better than my first layout ever was! :)

  3. Very cute lo....Cute blog also...Thanks for sharing.